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I work in a big scientific research building. There are a lot of labs here (I lost track after counting 33 of them) filled with chemists, biologists, biochemists, computer scientists and engineers. They are super-nice people. I haven’t run into a bad one yet. They are always willing to take the time to explain to me what’s going on, so I can further explain it to non-scientific people. And although I would consider them friends, I would never tell them what I do when I am not writing about science. I would never tell them that I could sit across from them and see where they have blocks in their energy. I could tell them what loved ones are sticking around to see what they are up to. I could tell them a few things, if I turned that ability on when I was around them, but I don’t. It’s not like I hop around inside people’s energy during boring meetings. Well…maybe sometimes I do a little.

The reason I would never tell is because I would be ridiculed and shunned. I would be treated like the village idiot. And I would be told just how wrong I am. Read More Skeptics

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I am a nervy person. It is one of the features of my sensitivity. In order to be sensitive to the world around you, you have to have a lot of nerves I guess, and they have to be extremely fussy. Recently, after a period of stress, I awoke to find my left shoulder and arm in excruciating pain. This was the kind of pain where all I could do was to pace around the house, like I could somehow walk away from it, with my arm crooked and tucked close like I was a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Weirdly, my index finger, thumb and forearm were completely numb. I was grateful for this because this gave me more time to ponder the burning, searing qualities of the pain in my upper arm and shoulder.

My body and “Western Medicine” have limited success working together. I seem to develop the sorts of diseases that doctors don’t understand, and they get pissy when their ideas don’t work. But I figured extreme pain and numbness were a decent project for “Western Medicine” so I went to see if the doctor could snuff the fire smoldering on my left side. Read More Last Nerve